Fuzz Dog HF Modulator

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Product Overview

Peculiar little box from Jen, also produced by Gretsch as the 'Playboy'. So what's it do? Kind of a pseudo ring modulator, though not really. Hey - we didn't invent it!

Basically it's a very fast trem that'll give you a ring-mod type effect if you play the right notes with the controls set in the right place. Useful for making your notes wobbly. Not incredibly musical, but it can sound good if you get creative.

This kit has been designed with currently available transistors rather than the obsolete parts used in the originals. Same sound with less headache.

Three controls: Speed, Intensity, Tone.

The kit is supplied with vertical-mount pots which have round shafts, so you'll need set-screw fitting knobs.


Enclosure (pre-drilled) is available as an option with full kits, and can take a battery if desired with footswitch positioned 22mm higher, closer to the controls. Knobs are included WITH FULL KITS. 

Inspired by: Jen HF Modulator

PCB size: 50 x 29mm

Knobs required: 3


(No reviews yet) Write a Review