Fuzz Dog Dumb Lloyd

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Product Overview

Highly-hyped, highly priced Dumble-in-a-box.

Is it good? Yes, its good. Is it original? Well, no. Unless tweaking a Tube Screamer can be considered original. No wonder there's so much goop on them.

It's a very responsive overdrive, and considering the TS architecture it's remarkably un-TS-like.

Huge gain range, from a touch of drive to full-on oomph, and the tone shaping is very tweakable with the addition of the 'Accent' pot.

Now with its own dedicated PCB designed for vertical-mount pots, though you can wire up normal ones if you prefer.

Includes a spot for the extra cap required for the Jazz/Rock switch, though you'll have to buy the switch seperately and drill the hole yourself.


Full kit: Includes all parts from the Partial Kit, 2-PCB set, the drilled 'B' enclosure, and knobs


Inspired by: Dumbloid

Difficulty: Medium

PCB size: 50 x 34mm

Knobs required: 4


(No reviews yet) Write a Review