Fuzz Dog Death Drive - Mini

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Product Overview

A mini version of perhaps one of the most hyped pedals ever. Don't get us wrong - it works really well, but get a grip guys!

Essentially a boutique version of Dan Armstrong's Green Ringer Octave-Up circuit feeding into a tweaked Rat with three-way clipping options. The 'original' pedal has a separate post-boost, but we thought it would be nice to have the interesting elements in a small format pedal. You can always stick your favourite boost after it.

As well as the standard Vol, Distortion and Filter controls you have an Octave Level pot to dial in just the right amount of high pitched fun.

We've subbed the hard-to-source FETs used in the in and out buffers as they make absolutely no difference to the tone.

Kits are supplied with LM308N . 

The kit is supplied with vertical-mount pots which have round shafts, so you'll need set-screw fitting knobs.

Builds are only available with full kits including enclosure and vertical-mount pots. 

Inspired by: Life Pedal

Difficulty: Medium

PCB size: 50 x 50mm

Knobs required: 4


(No reviews yet) Write a Review