The Bare Box #1

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Product Overview

Similar in design to housings of many industry "names," now available for DIY and local manufacture. Overall size 5 1/16 x 2 1/2 x 1 5/8" tall. Has a "well" that fits up to five 9mm pots--no more accidentally stomped controls! 6-32 threaded bosses securely mount a 60mm x 60mm PCB or perfboard.

Jack holes drilled to work with Switchcraft #112 style enclosed jacks.

You can download from here a dimensioned drawing of the internals for planning purposes. Here is a drawing showing hole positions and dimensions.

Price includes:

  • Blank enclosure, drilled as shown for everything except the pots
  • Battery door
  • Six screws and two threaded studs

A variety of compatible boards and connectors are available separately. See SKU below for corresponding PC boards.

Five Pots Board SKU: 0353

60 X 60 Pad-Per-Hole Board SKU: 0355

Battery Door SKU: 0350B


(No reviews yet) Write a Review