Fuzz Dog Bax Rat (Rodent Baxandall)

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Product Overview

The Rat. What's not to love? Well, maybe the fairly limited scope of the tone control. Help is at hand...

We've kicked the tone into touch and brought in a two-band Baxandall tone stack so you can tweak and tweak and... (OK, technically it's a James stack as it's passive, but everyone calls it Baxandall - you know what it is). Available tuned for standard guitar, using the stack values from the Catalinbread Manx Loaghtan, or a more bass and drop-tune friendly version based on a boutique box that definitely doesn't blow.

All that Bax action takes a toll on the signal level, so we've given you the option of building it with the normal Rat buffer on the output, which will reach unity at around 1-2 o'clock, or going for a much better speaker-worryingly-awesome FET boost configuration. Our kits use the FET boost BOM parts. 

Hmm, what else... How about a second set of clipping diodes so you can toggle between two flavours? We'll supply 1N4148 (Classic) and red LEDs (Turbo) with the kits anyway. Our kits also include a pair of germanium diodes to the mix if you want to go for the 'You Dirty' option. We also include the SPDT toggle switch . With the clipping parts we provide in the kit you can even build in assymetrical clipping if you so choose!

Kit is supplied with LM308. 

Optional trimmer for the ruez 'Response' control mod.


Enclosure (pre-drilled) is only available with full kits, and will not take a battery. Knobs are included with enclosure in Full Kit. 

Builds are only available with full kits including enclosure and vertical-mount pots. Please choose appropriate knobs.

Inspired by: Rat

Difficulty: Medium

PCB size: 50 x 45mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review