PCB - Electric Druid FilterFx

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Product Overview

A PCB for the FilterFX 12dB/oct SVF project. This PCB is designed to fit into a Hammond 1590BB enclosure in landscape format, and can be used with PCB mounting pots for a simple, reliable construction.

The PCB is FR4 fibreglass for strength, with plated through-holes and green soldermask and white screen print on both sides. The PCB layout can accept film capacitors with either 5mm/0.2″ or 7.5mm/0.3″ lead spacing, so you’re not limited in your choice of capacitors.

You might find it easier to order the FilterFX PCB + parts set, which includes the two vactrols, the two unusual On-On-On DPDT switches, and the Druid StompLFO chip.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review