Parasit Studio Sentient Machine

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Product Overview

Sentient Machine

The Sentient Machine is an LFO modulated resonant lowpass filter
with two different voices: A standard wah sound and a special
vowel type sound. At slow speeds it produces a spacey sweeping
sound reminiscent of a phaser.
The vowel voice mode is achieved by modulating an additional filter
that is tuned higher and sweeps in the opposite direction. It's a
combination of filters sometimes referred to as a formant filter.
This circuit uses PWM and CMOS switches as variable resistors
insted of vactrols or jfet's, which gives a perfectly matched set of
variable resistors and more accurate modulation at low resistances.
Happy building and playing!

Partial kits include the PCB and everything you need to build the circuit; enclosure and knobs not included.

Battery not supplied, 300ma 9v WW available a related product below

Our enclosures are drilled to order, by hand; they may include evidence of human manufacturing, such as slightly enlarged holes to allow matched placement of pots and jacks.



On Demand Info

These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.

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