MFOS Guitar Subcommander

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Product Overview

This project is available as a Kit-On-Demand, Please see below.

Ray Wilson designed this awesome project for guitar players to make more electronic music magic with their instruments. 

He said: 

Guitar Synth or Not? A bit of clarification.

I would like you to understand that this circuit will not take the signal from your guitar, analyze it's frequency, generate a proportional control voltage and then control a multiple waveform oscillator so that you can make your guitar sound like a Moog synthesizer. What it does is buffer your guitar's signal, create a pulse waveform (at the same frequency as the guitar) divide it's frequency in half (sub-octave generator) and generate a gate when you pluck a string so you can control the SUB-COMMANDER's AR generators. It permits you to mix the sub-octave, original signal and pulse signal and then route them through the SUB-COMMANDER's VCF and VCA. By doing this you can generate some very cool synthesizer-like sounds and effects for your electric guitar 

Check out the MP3 sound sample on the main product page- that’s also where you’ll find the documentation and details. 

Our full kit includes the pCB, all PCB and panel parts, knobs and hook-up wire. You will need to make your own panel and enclosure. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review