GCI Decker V1.0 (No PCB)

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Product Overview

The God City Instruments (GCI) Decker is a simple FMV (Fender Marshall Vox) EQ circuit similar to the tone stack found in many classic amps. A volume trim control is also available on the front panel to compensate for any loss or boost in volume caused by equalization. The op amp stages of this circuit can easily be retuned to provide a healthy amount of boost and/or overdrive if so desired. It can be built as a stand-alone pedal or as an add-on to a gain circuit in need of amp-like EQ. By adjusting values, a wide range of tonal options are available.

CIRCUIT BOARD NOT INCLUDEDPCB available at godcityinstruments.com

Full Kit includes pre-drilled enclosure and knobs!

GCI part kits a supplied with a LUGGED 3PDT foot switch for hand wiring, or this PCB:


The GCI 3PDT daughter board requires a PC-pin style switch:




(No reviews yet) Write a Review