GCI Brutalist Jr. (No PCB)

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Product Overview

Kurt Ballou of GodCity Studio has created a buildable PCB that is also his business card. If you get one of these and want to build this serious distortion pedal, here's a kit. 


Click the drop-down to order the complete kit with knobs and drilled, unfinished enclosure or all parts less knobs and enclosure.

Our Brutalist Jr. Enclosures are drilled to order, by hand; they may include evidence of human manufacturing, such as slightly enlarged holes to allow matched placement of pots and jacks.


Pre-drilled enclosure also available with SKU: 0300AAH CIRCUIT BOARD NOT INCLUDED. PCB Business Card Available here.


  • If you are rolling your own, you can find a bill of materials here
  • The build instructions can be found here.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review