GCI Gorilla Glasses (Partial Kit)

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Partial Kit
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Product Overview

This is a partial kit and does not include the enclosure or PCB. PCB's are purchased directly through Kurt at https://www.godcityinstruments.com/


The God City Instruments (GCI) Gorilla Glasses is a DIY friendly version of the GCI Ape Eye pedal which uses a common DIP-08 single op amp running at +/- 9VDC instead of Ape Eye’s discrete op amp running at +/- 15VDC. The sound is full, dynamic, and expressive, holding its own against many beloved boutique overdrives. Experienced builders will recognize the topology as a Fetzer Valve style Jfet boost in front of a Distortion+ / DOD250 style distortion circuit.

This PCB has been designed to be an easy build with minimum components, yet still offer the builder enough flexibility to tailor the tone to their own tastes.

 Pre-drilled enclosure coming soon!

Battery not supplied, 300ma 9v WW available a related product below

On Demand Info

These kits and assembled modules are offered on demand, click the link to learn more.

GCI part kits a supplied with a LUGGED 3PDT foot switch for hand wiring, or this PCB:


The GCI 3PDT daughter board requires a PC-pin style switch:




(No reviews yet) Write a Review