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Links And References
 Stompbox DIY - English/US
 GEOFEX - The Guitar Effects-Oriented Website. R. G. Keen's essential resource.
 Analog Music Zone - Jack Orman. Original and vintage schems, original designs on CD.
 Aron Nelson - His Forum is an incredible resource for beginners and experts alike.
 Tonepad - Francisco Peñ Check out his projects and ready-to-solder PC boards!
 GeneralGuitarGadgets - J. D. Sleep's projects, schematics, ready-to-solder boards and kits.
 Runoffgroove - Technical articles, circuit ideas and snippets, board layouts. Some of the cabinet and amp simulations have become DIY standards.
 BYOC - Kits for many classic pedals, with drilled enclosures and ready-to-solder boards. Also has a Forum.
 GuitarPCB - Barry Steindel. Well-designed site! Ready-to-solder  PC boards for both classic pedals and boutique designs. Also has forums and extensive technical information.
 PedalPartsAndKits - Bruce Robertson. Complete kits based on the GuitarPCB line of boards.
 Pedal Haven - I was surprised that nobody else had thought of this name! Blog, news, reviews and information on construction and mods.
 Aion FX - Kevin VandeKrol. Kits and PCBs.
 DiscoFreq - An enormous resource. When we have a question about what a pedal looks like or does, especially a vintage pedal, this is where we go.
 SSGuitar - A Forum devoted to solid state guitar amplifiers.
 StompThatBox - News, articles, reviews, links to DIY info and pedal makers.
 Analog War Cry - News, articles, interviews, reviews. Focus on indy gear makers and their products.
 DIY Guitar Site - Many links to guitar, equipment and music resources.
 Distortion Ltd. - Weekly magazine with news, articles on gear and pedal makers, DIY projects.

Stompbox DIY - International

Information, shopping, forums, many of them in local languages.
(Germany) (Netherlands)     (Spain)
Das Musikding    Banzai Newtone          Pedaldoc
Latin America: Far East:
(Venezuela & Chile) (Japan)
E3 Pedals Takky Engineering


Pedal-related Gear Sites and Friends

Analog Man  -  "Analog Mike" Piera is well-known for new and vintage pedals and mods.  Check out his forum for ideas on making best use of your gear.
For Musicians Only  -  Tom Hughes offers new and used gear, repairs and custom pedalboard consulting and construction. Author of  the encyclopedic Analog Man's Guide To Vintage Effects
North Star Audio  -  Tom Lanik manufactures the Pro Pot wah-wah pedal upgrade pot. He is available by email at tclanik@gmail.com
Loop-Master  - Passive signal routers, loopers, and switchers in many configurations, and true-bypass pedals.
This1smyne  - Dan Burgess offers standard and custom switch boxes, tap-tempo switches, bypass boxes and mods.
Howard Davis - Designer of many classic E-H pedals, does repairs and consulting.
Stompin-Ground - Pedal boards, cases, racks and cable systems.
Tonefrenzy - Custom pedals, and a large library of sound clips of classic effects.
GuitarElectronics - Pickups, preamps, MIDI interfaces, specialty pots, switches and other guitar parts, and wiring diagrams.
McCon-O-Wah - Michael McConachie's custom Wah pedals and pickups. He's also the designer of the McCon-O-Pot.
Rigquest - Bryan Conley's specialty site for RJM MIDI control of multiple pedals.
Pedal Parts Plus - Family-owned company that does custom drilling, powder-coating and printing on enclosures.