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Updates 3/1


Spring in New York is around the corner, we hope!

New On The Stock List:

  • I am happy to report that we now stock the PC boards, firmware ICs and all other parts needed to build Electric Druid's popular DigiDelay and Flangelicious designs. You can find full parts lists with all of our SKU numbers here:



  • A Canadian company, BusBoard, makes some nice prototyping materials, and a customer asked us to carry a couple of their boards. We have their 2H-1 and POW3U.
  • Another "you'll only see it here" germanium diode, the OA9.
  • The popular 1900H knobs are available for knurled shaft. Same high quality by the same shop that makes the set screw version.
  • We got a 28-pin version of the SOIC-To-DIP adapters, SKU 0713. I hope this will encourage some experiments with the Spin Semi FV-1, among other multi-effect parts.



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