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Winter NAMM 2017


I will be at the show in Anaheim, walking the floor as usual, making sure that customers are happy and also looking for things to stock. If you will be there and want to meet up, please drop a message to the smallbearelec address.

Partly because I have taken on a lot more Tonepad boards, I have given time to adding parts lists to my Library. If there's a classic pedal that you want to build and you need help with shopping, it's here.

New On The Stock List:

  • Velleman is doing effect kits again, and this time they went all out to attract and please the DIYer. The Tremor tremolo and the Extradrive overdrive are complete, gig-worthy packages with cast enclosures, top-quality components and carefully done instructions.

  • For the synth people especially, slider caps. Two styles are available now in B&W, and I can get them in colors if there is enough interest.

  • We had to drag R. G. Keen away from shearing sheep on his farm and encourage him to work out some publishing problems, but that's done and his magnum opus on PCB design is back.

Thank you for your orders! More specialty parts are in the works, and I will post as soon as they are in-Cave.



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